Freedom Canines International (FCI) is all about Pups Empowering People!   

Ultimately, we accomplish this mission by training life-altering assistance dogs. These highly-trained dogs increase independence and expand opportunities for individuals living with type 1 diabetes and other disabilities.  

Through a unique program with high school partners, FCI also utilizes the entire training process as another opportunity for their pups to empower people.  Puppies are raised, trained and socialized within the schools providing memorable hands-on learning opportunities within applicable classes.

Students selected as Puppy Raisers work closely with FCI Instructors to perfect puppy manners and expose them to a variety of environments for at least a year before the puppies are mature enough to enter advanced assistance-dog training.  Through this unique service role, students demonstrate increased responsibility and gain mentoring opportunities to teach younger students and peers. Learning FCI’s positive reinforcement training methods are a life skill with applications far beyond dog training.